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Why everyday should be Earth Day!

Today on Earth Day , I thought it would be fitting to share my mission of this brand and why today and everyday we should be celebrating the Earth! I'm so excited to be able to share my story and why I created Maison On Maple in December 2020.

My how time flies! As a stay at home mom

since 2015, with years of experience in interior design, I have been able to see first hand just how much the design industry does not always positively contribute to the environment. As a mother to three children, their future is the most important thing to me, and much of it is dependant on the how we treat the environment. My husband and I really started questioning our daily choices and actions when it came to the environment and sustainability, both in our personal and professional lives. We began making environmentally conscious changes within our own lives and household. With a fair amount of knowledge and still learning everyday, we wanted to create a home decor and gift line that could make a difference.

Thus Maison on Maple was born!

I hope that by sharing my stories and helpful tips, I can raise awareness on why it's so imperative we make conscious efforts to reduce our over consumption.

This is the first time in history that furniture is disposable. Home decor was once treasured and making furniture was considered a craft in and of itself. We had industries dedicated to refinishing and maintaining the functionality of our precious heirlooms.

We are finally starting to wake up to the over consumption. We consciously know that we deserve better, and future generations deserve better.

By creating our brand, we are able to bring you high quality, environmentally conscious, sustainable decor that will last a lifetime. Many of our pieces are made using reclaimed, salvaged and recycled materials.

It's important now more than ever to have timeless pieces in your home that can be passed down for generations to come.

I look forward to sharing DIY's, sustainable home tips and recipes and many easy, simple solutions for a safer, more functional and fulfilling home.

As we celebrate the earth today, may we make a pact to ourselves, our children and our planet that going forward we will make a difference.

When you realize Heart & Earth are spelled with the same letters, it all starts to make sense.


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